undoDAO classic refund

Interesting Stats
time left before refund starts
refund rate
number of withdrawals
amount withdrawn
amount donated
average % specified for donation
amount available
time left before refund is closed

The DAO’s lost ethers

Part of the DAO’s ethers were drained in what some might call an attack or hack on 17 June 2016. As not all ethers were drained, a group that calls themselves the White Hat Group (WHG) then drained the remaining more than 7 million ethers. WHG had recently managed to move the ethers out of the DAO on the classic chain and decided to refund DAO token holders..

Refund Contract

Similar to the refund on the ETH chain, the DAO classic refund is done through a smart contract. Through the transparency of the blockchain, we are able to track the usage of this contract.


refund contract address – 0x9f5304da62a5408416ea58a17a92611019bd5ce3
refund rate – as not all ether were retrieved, it is only possible to refund a portion of the initial 100 tokens to 1 ether rate
number of withdrawals – count of successful withdraws through the contract
amount withdrawn – total amount withdrawn using the contract, before any donations
amount donated – total amount donated to WHG through the contract
average % specified for donation – for each withdrawal, a percentage for donation is specified so this is just the average of it
amount available – total amount left in the contract and can be withdrawn
time left before refund is closed – WHG has decided to close the refund contract after 24 weeks


A bug was found in the first deployment of the refund contract and 54 withdrawals for a total of 320,726 etc were made. That is included in the table above.

Time Extension

An extension of 2 months was announced.
An extension of about 9 months was announced.